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Can I do Yoga if I am not flexible?

Of course.  You are the best person to do yoga. That is how you will become flexible is by practicing yoga.  Our yoga classes are beginner and intermediate. You don't have to be expert to do our classes. We can modify the poses.

Are your classes typically crowded?

You should reserve your spot on our calendar so that you know you have a spot saved AND if the class is full it will not allow you to reserve.  This eliminates over booking.

What should I wear to class?

If you are doing yoga you should where something comfortable that will allow you to bend and be comfortable. Example would be t-shirt or tank top with shorts or yoga pants. If you are doing yoga you will will be barefoot or you can wear yoga socks.  For circuit or fitness boot camps you should wear comfortable clothes as well and a good pair of running shoes.

What should I bring?

We recommend that you bring your own mat however we have mats you can use as well. Bring water bottle. If doing Fitness Boot Camp you should also bring full size towel.

What if I don't have a yoga mat?

We have mats you can use.  We clean them daily but we always recommend you bring your own. We also sell yoga mats on our website.

What if my child has never done yoga or boot camp, can they do kids fitness classes?

Yes most of our kids are beginners. We do ask that your child be released by doctor to perform exercise. You must also sign a waiver. If your child has special needs please reach out to us first to make sure we can accommodate your child. We want to keep your child safe!

Can I drop my child off for class?

No we are not licensed as a childcare. You must stay during the class. It is only 35-45 mins in length. This is for the 6yrs-11yrs old class. 12yrs + can be in class without parent/guardian however you must sign a release for your child to participate in the adult fitness classes.

Do I have to be in shape to do the Fitness Boot Camp classes?

No. Most of our clients are trying to get into shape. We just recommend that you have clearance from your doctor to begin a fitness regimen.  Also please alert us of any injuries or limitations you might have so we can adjust your exercises accordingly. We can modify your exercises.  You must sign waiver to do our classes.

What are Juvo Board classes?

They are amazing classes that are performed on Juvo Boards. It is like bringing your paddle board indoors. It helps will balance and flexibility. This class will begin Sept 16th. You can be a beginner to do this class. You just need clearance from your doctor to start fitness regimen.

Why is your door locked sometimes?

We lock our door once class starts this is for the safety of our staff and clients. We perform most classes in our upstairs studio so we like to have the door locked if we don't have staff downstairs. Once class is over we will unlock door for the next class time. 

Is your studio women only?

Partly.  We mainly have women only classes. However  we also have co-ed classes in way of private group classes.  The co-ed classes will always be labeled co-ed or Private.  Also our Kids Fitness Classes are for boys and girls. 

Any additional questions please email us at info@effieandevie.com